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How long do you think you can cope with this level of stress before you feel great again?

Integrative solution for putting you back on track in 5 weeks.

Type and time of stress:

Whilst short term stress is good for you to help you to survive and to push your boundaries enough for challenging yourself, long term stress or chronic stress is affecting your whole body on a physical, psychological and emotional levels.

Nobody is equal in terms of managing stress: we are uniquely equipped physically, bio-chemically, mentally, and emotionally thanks to our genes, past experiences, or our own traumas. However, everyone exposed to a stressor or an uncomfortable situation for more than about 3 months will probably fall into the chronic stress category. And this health and economic crisis is already more than 3 months old?? So, you are probably like most of the people trying to cope with it the best you can.

Because it is subtly encompassing all aspects of yourself and your life, you generally cannot tell for sure when it really started and what precisely started to fill up your “stress” bucket that later made it tip over… so, let’s explore some of the symptoms you may experience.

Symptoms and consequences:

Chronic stress affects the whole body. It can have several physical or psychological symptoms, which can make functioning daily more challenging. The type and severity of symptoms vary considerably from person to person.

Signs and symptoms of chronic stress can include mood changes such as irritability, low self-esteem, and feeling out of the rail or have lost control, fatigue, headaches, concentration issues, digestive issues, sleepless nights.

Over long periods, chronic stress can contribute to the development of a range of physical and mental disorders, including high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, depression, burnout, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, weak digestion, and depleted immune system

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