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Online Consultation, how does it work?

This is suitable for those who prefer to stay in the comfort of their home or those who are unable to visit the clinic or are living overseas.  During the session, Catherine can connect with you and your energy field from anywhere, just as she does when she works with you in person. You will receive the same benefits as if you were to come to the clinic. At the time of your scheduled session, you will be asked to connect using an online platform for your session to take place. A quiet and comfortable space with a good internet connection is needed to ensure an uninterrupted session.


At-home consultation (Hong Kong)

Catherine can see you in the space of your home on HK Island for an added fee including transport. Please contact me for more details with your address details.

Consultation at the Clinique (Hong Kong-Central)

If you prefer face to face interaction, you can either contact Catherine or the Clinique directly here:

The prices might differ as per follow:

Kinesiology 60mins HKD 1.400

Nutrition 75 mins HKD 1.800

Nutrition Follow-ups HKD 1.400

Detox program HKD 5.800

Fasting program HKD 5.800

Group fasting HKD 2.500 pp

Hormone coherence program HKD 6.200


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