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Reset and Detox with Fasting (Group session, min 3 participants) – Online

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This program is designed for those who wish to fine-tune their health and prolong their health span! It will give you the tools, confidence and support from the group members and Catherine to achieve your goals and feel great! Learn about the latest evidence-based medical researches in this field and from each other experiences. 

Come and join our next group class online or in person.

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Program overview:

This is a program designed for the health warriors that wish to do a fasting program or those who would like some faster and more impressive results in a group setting. It is yet gentle on your system as we have a preparation phase of 2 days followed by a 4 to 5 days vegetable broth fast and a recuperation phase. Following a very proven scientific based approach, you will not feel depleted or starving. As your body and especially your liver will not be “busy” processing food, your energy will be mobilized to lower your toxic load quicker and your cells will be renewed.

Duration: 9 days

This program is best for any or a combination of:

  • Chronic disease prevention and anti-aging
  • Feeling stuck
  • Energy levels are low, chronic fatigue
  • Weight management
  • Headaches, Brain Fog, Memory Loss
  • Chronic pains especially in joints
  • Fertility Enhancement
  • Metabolic disregulations such as sugar levels, cholesterol…

Why should I sign?

  • During and after the program, you can beneficiate from the support of the group, sharing your experiences with others. 3 group meetings in person or online.
  • A WhatsApp support group.
  • It is individualized, and tailored with findings from the first session, the baseline and guidelines are rechecked periodically.
  • It is easy to follow with detailed instructions and support.
  • It is a transformative experience as you explore some new concepts of where your body and mind can take you to, whilst removing in a non-invasive way your stress, and toxins!
  • It is safe and done in a gentle and compassionate approach.
  • You can start a Keto program right after as you will be already in Ketosis!

What will I get?

  • Individual call with Catherine to prep, 3 group meetings of 90 minutes during the 9 days program.
  • Complete program Handbook with an easy-to-follow day-to-day process, strategies, and activities.
  • Group sharing and support.
  • Group WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp support with the practitioner.

This program is not for:

  • Children or adolescents
  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding women
  • Persons with diabetes, kidney failures or renal insufficiency
  • Persons with eating disorders


The program will be delivered online or in-person if you are in Hong Kong.

Once you booked the program with the first starting date, you will receive a confirmation for your participation in our 3 meetings.

A link (if online) will be sent to you or our location for onsite presence.You will receive all the material in due course, before the meetings start and will be added as a participant to our Whatsapp group.


At-home consultation (Hong Kong)

Catherine can see you in the space of your home on HK Island for an added fee including transport. Please contact me for more details with your address details.

Consultation at the Clinique (Hong Kong-Central)

If you prefer face to face interaction, you can either contact Catherine or the Clinique directly here:

The prices might differ as per follow:

Kinesiology 60mins HKD 1.400

Nutrition 75 mins HKD 1.800

Nutrition Follow-ups HKD 1.400

Detox program HKD 5.800

Fasting program HKD 5.800

Group fasting HKD 2.500 pp

Hormone coherence program HKD 6.200

3 reviews for Reset and Detox with Fasting (Group session, min 3 participants) – Online

  1. Catherine

    Some word of praise from my last fasting group! Many thanks for your great participation and well done!!

  2. Catherine

    I’ve done Catherine’s 9 day fasting program second time now. For both time after the fasting I experienced better digestion, better sleep, higher energy level, and more importantly I’ve cultivated deeper connection with my body and thus achieved higher self awareness. Highly recommend this fasting program to those who are aspired to improve holistic health.

  3. Catherine

    I am very satisfied with my first fasting experience supervised by Catherine. I was not a weigh loss client nor having any health issue. My goal was simply to care for my body and the result is very good, I can feel my mind/body connection is much stronger after the fasting and the level of trust to my body has increased a lot. Very grateful to have Catherine guiding me through this experience.

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