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“Kinesiology supports your body’s inner ability to restore and optimize your health & wellbeing.”

Based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Chiropractic methods, Kinesiology is a recognized, comprehensive, non-invasive system of healthcare that uses calming and muscle monitoring techniques to identify and release those stresses. In effect, all stresses that are blocking the body from changing or moving forward could be resolved and your body is now able to support change and healing from the inside out

“Most acute problems are the result of years of unresolved chronic problems. As well, some of the acute problems can transform into chronic issues when they are not tackled from a holistic perspective.”


Catherine uses muscle monitoring techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout her body systems so that she can identify the imbalances and factors which may be disrupting the natural flow of energy which are essential for good health. To re-balance the body & mind, Catherine uses energetic techniques, nutritional recommendations, coaching, bodywork, and energy healing such as acupressure points, sounds & light, Bach flower essence…


It can be beneficial in improving the following conditions:

. Acute or Chronic Stress

. Headache/Migraine

. Difficulty to fall and/or stay asleep

. Chronic fatigue

. Chronic pain

. Fertility enhancement

. Feminine hormone imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, Menopause

. Digestive problems

. Immune system problems

. Emotional Trauma or difficulties

“Disease cannot thrive in a healthy body which also makes kinesiology a great preventative therapy.”


The first session will take about 60 minutes and the following ones are about 50 minutes. Prior to the first session, all new clients will be asked to fill in a comprehensive medical history and consent form. Depending on your goals and the findings of the muscle testing, we will discuss what treatment plan you need and apply the corrections whilst you are lying on a treatment table.


The number of sessions varies for each person, their issues and how well they follow any changes recommended. Generally, people feel a significant improvement within their first 3 appointments. Once their goals or a state of optimum health have been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent diseases.

“Your body has all the information it needs to attain optimal health and wellbeing”


With muscle testing, there is no guesswork therefore the sessions are efficient and unique for each person. We can unveil the root cause of your issues as your body leads the way where it really needs to. Using this technique, we are accessing the information and the subconscious level of the person’s body and bring that level of awareness to the consciousness. We can bypass all the filters or self-sabotaging programs that your conscious mind would have the potential to create.


. Stress Management

. Hormone Balances

. Digestive Health

. Immune system health

. Emotional Wellbeing

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